Trumpeter Model TSM5554 5554 kit Plastic Gopher SA-13 35 1 sqfn552324994-Helicopters

Trumpeter Model TSM5554 5554 kit Plastic Gopher SA-13 35 1 sqfn552324994-Helicopters

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JTT Scenery 92032 CEDAR 6 to 10 SCENIC O-scale, 12 pk

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There is a huge misconception by a lot of companies that working with influencers is like waving a magic wand… with one poof, all their problems will be fixed!

We often have to be the bearer of bad news and explain to brands that working with influencers does not mean an automatic increase in sales or bookings and there are way more things to consider and value when determining influencer marketing ROI.

Here at Sidewalker Daily, we work with brands on their influencer marketing initiatives but we also provide one-on-one coaching for influencers so we really understand their needs as business owners and creators. While there are tons of articles on the internet about influencer marketing ROI, we want to speak directly to the Instagram influencers and creators to give you valuable insight into how brands actually measure success in our industry.

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We truly believe knowledge is power, and the more you know about how companies value your work, the better equipped you’ll be to land brand partnerships.

How To Influence Change Through Social Media And Make An Impact

HOW TO INFLUENCE CHANGE THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA AND MAKE AN IMPACT Most of us grow up with the dream of changing the world but as we get older, figuring out what that really means and how to actually “change the world” can be overwhelming. Here at Sidewalker Daily, we have [...]

Work With Brands: The Ultimate Checklist To Prepare Your Pitch

WORK WITH BRANDS: THE ULTIMATE CHECKLIST TO PREPARE YOUR PITCH Partnerships. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The ultimate way to monetize your influence, make real money, and have the opportunity to represent a brand that resonates with your own. Landing a brand partnership can strengthen [...]


40 SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCER MARKETING TERMS YOU NEED TO KNOW If you’re in the influencer realm, it can sometimes feel like you’re in the wild west - everything is up for interpretation and sometimes making sense of it all can be a real challenge. The social media influencer marketing space [...]

13 Tips: How To Get A Complimentary Hotel Stay As A Blogger Or Influencer

13 TIPS: HOW TO GET A COMPLIMENTARY HOTEL STAY AS A BLOGGER OR INFLUENCER If you’re a travel blogger or influencer then you know hotel collaborations are one of the most important parts of your business. We get tons of questions from our community asking how to get a complimentary [...]

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